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Hardware Installation

Servers and Computers installation
Providing knowledge based security verified and minimum maintenance installation is key to the efficiency of your business. Today efficiency is “E-Factor” for the longevity and sustainability of profitable operations. You only have so many hours a day and this must be spent on client focused and revenue generating activities. Let Epidote TSI install your new computers and, will give you a machine that is optimized to run on your company’s network, fully updated with Windows security fixes and antivirus definitions, and pre-installed with all the software you need to work.
Epidote TSI has competent resources to:

  • Upgrade Systems
  • Computer hardware replacement
  • Conduct IT network audits
  • Create an overall inventory of the network 
  • Check the operational efficiency of the client servers (i.e. speed, back up, hard drive and redundancy
  • Optimizes costs and improves profits
  • LAN/WAN and Wireless network cabling and set up
    Connectivity is critical in world of business today. Your computer’s connection to an internal company network or to the Internet is the way you share information, keep in touch with customers, and collaborate with co-workers. Whether it’s a wired or wireless internal LAN or firewalled-Internet connection, Epidote TSI can install and maintain the network connections that are your company’s lifeline.