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Security and Access Control Solutions

The highest priority for a business today is, securing the physical, logistical, intellectual and digital resources from unauthorized and accidental access. However a greater challenge is also to implement a Security and Access Control Solution that is cost effective, scalable and sustainable. Wesatyn Inc. brings together industry experience and state-of- the-art biometrics and visual management systems to provide a reliable and profitable solution.
The solution integrates sophisticated Biometrics, HD cameras, Single-sign-on, smart cards and numerical keypad to provide comprehensive security and access control to any facility regardless of size and location. Every solution is designed to; Identify, Authorize and Authenticate access, to meet the client’s specific facility requirements and business needs.


  • Secure and restrict unauthorized access to a facility
  • Limit access within a facility to restricted areas
  • Accurate data logging
  • Sophisticated non-invasive biometric algorithms used for identification
  • Exportable files to time and attendance and payroll systems
  • Secure storage of information at any desired location

  • Benefits

  • Highest level of security for access
  • Information retrievable for verification and confirmation
  • Reduces cost of security
  • Information can be extracted and integrated with any time and attendance and payroll systems
  • Storage of high quality images data
  • Deter theft and acts of piracy
  • Protects intellectual property
  • Peace of mind