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Asset Management
A critical and essential component to improving efficiency is the practice of managing and optimizing the utilization of purchased assets. A company’s operational costs can be impacted by poorly performing assets. Though this is a well established fact, majority of companies do not manage their assets effectively. In an economic downturn these are the companies most effected by competition and, escalating operating costs.
An effective asset management strategy involves all the infrastructure and processes necessary to account for the performance of operating assets.  This allows for appropriate allocation and prudent deployment of funds. The ‘Asset Management Program’ must have:

  • Discovery and management of assets
  • Complete inventory & financial management
  • Integration capability with other systems
  • DMS compliant framework
  • Management Information System

Epidote has developed a common sense approach to implementing an effective Asset Management strategy. We bring together our global resources, alliances and experience, to optimize the process of content management.  Epidote application development has consistently delivered superior solutions. We offer end to end solutions (concept development to maintenance) for new projects and redeveloping existing applications.
Our team of professionals has an intelligent mix of knowledge, technical expertise and result-driven management.
We develop solutions that are client specific, practical and affordable. Our goal is to make it possible for every client to have access to an ‘Asset Management’ solution.
The 5 steps to our asset management solution is a seamless integration the following modules.
Equipment Audits is the primary step of discovery and management of the asset. The information gathered provides data that is used to develop critical criteria and benchmarks for optimizing the performance of the asset.
Cost of Ownership and Operation is one of the key performance indicators to evaluate the operational efficiency of an asset.  The information facilitates the making of timely and prudent executive decisions. We develop a clear and concise breakdown of the two components eliminating ambiguity in assessing equipment reliability and performance. 
Life Cycle Cost Analysis is critical to long term asset replacement planning and upgrades. The analysis provides vital OEM equipment performance expectations and compares it to industry standards. Life cycle cost is important to developing the cost of ownership and operation metrics.  
Budget Planning is vital to containing costs and minimizing unwarranted interruption in the performance of an asset. Without a planned allocation of budgets to upgrade or replace assets, contributes to inefficiencies and downtime.
Asset Performance and ROI is the most important executive tool we believe, to manage corporate mandates. Optimizing the two makes good business sense. Our solutions take into account the impact energy management measures during the development of the ROI.
The benefits of the 5 step process in the development of the asset management solutions is:

  • Cost analysis of assets
  • Capital Replacement Planning
  • Failure Analysis
  • Operations Cost by Location
  • Budget Control, Tracking and Trending
  • Customized Reports Generation Capability