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Business Intelligence / Performance Management

Business intelligence and financial performance management help you make the decisions that drive better performance.

Your organization generates valuable data day in and day out. Every division, department, and employee creates and stores data. The challenge for many organizations is to gather and present this raw data into useable information. Business intelligence (BI) provides the reporting, query and analysis, and performance management tools to turn this data into useable and valuable information. And in today's competitive market, most companies know that the right information can mean the difference between success and failure.

The challenge is finding the perfect solution to address many different needs. Management can come from various departments throughout your organization looking for their own unique subsets of information and each with their requirements and level of skill.

With the right solution, they enable businesses such as yours to centralize information access; refine, analyze and sort data; create and distribute informative reports; and develop decision support systems that mirror your business processes.

What we offer

 Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence for Midsize Companies

Reporting, analysis, scorecards, and dashboards for Midsize Companies.

Cognos TM1

Planning, Budgeting and Analysis

Complete planning, analysis and reporting with advanced personalization and real-time response.