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Strategic Consulting

Epidote TSI offers full spectrum of IT consulting solutions to businesses worldwide. We can optimize on your global competitiveness by developing an innovative proactive process rich IT management structure customized to your unique needs. We enable you to understand the performance of your infrastructures along with ensuring complete control over them. Our ability to manage your application by comprehensively monitoring your entire business-critical application environments and understanding the impact of underlying infrastructure, and quickly isolating the root cause of problems before they impact customers will provide you with the competitive advantage.
We will facilitate your ability to deliver competent resources to your clients by providing the expertise of intelligent and highly trained IT professionals, with minimum costs, no time delay and eliminating tiresome recruiting initiatives for in-house deployment.
We can support you in:

  • Web Development
  • Database design and administration
  • Network engineering and administration
  • Project management
  • Customized software development
  • Software integration
  • Systems analysis
  • Integrating mobile devices, i.e. Blackberry with existing business applications to receive reports, updates, messages, corporate e-mails and alerts
  • Company-wide messaging systems
  • IT systems security threat analysis, verification, installation of security software and monitoring
  • Deployment and testing