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Biometric Access Solutions

In a world where growing security concerns have impacted how we allow access to a facility whether it is a government building, office tower, manufacturing plant, health care complex, banks or an educational institution, confirmation of identity or authentication is playing an ever increasing role. The importance of biometrics and other identification technology has increased in the past few years.

Biometrics products are designed to uniquely recognize humans based on one or more intrinsic physical, logical, digital or behavioral trait, which could include finger print, voice, DNA, vein recognition and iris recognition. Biometrics solutions are often leveraged in identity access management and control systems, document control, time and attendance, payroll, remote customer identification system for online financial transactions to name a few.

Depending on the application an Authentication or identification system will be applicable. One being less intrusive than the other.

Wesatyn Inc. the parent company of Epidote TSI has a strategic alliance with Enpro International of New York, USA and Biotraits to distribute, install, commission and maintain Biometric systems developed by Biotraits of Orlando, USA.

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